Inside China’s Covid Chaos

Ever since authorities in China decided to relax its zero-Covid policy, the situation in the country has only gotten worse. Experts suggest that Covid-related deaths will reach 2 million by next year.

World Health Organisation (WHO) said that hospitals in China appear to be filling up amid a new wave of Covid. Morgues are fully packed and bodies are piled up in crematoriums.

The Chinese government has stopped releasing official daily numbers of Covid infections and deaths, but as per estimates, at least 5,000 people are dying every day in the country.

The Xi Jinping administration has narrowed down its definition of COVID-related deaths. People with existing medical conditions who are infected by the virus are not being counted under Covid deaths.

Reports say that most patients who are getting infected by the virus are unvaccinated. The Chinese foreign ministry, on the other hand, claims that vaccination rate in the country is rising.

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