When love stories turn fatal

Shraddha Walkar case

On the fateful day of 18 May, Shraddha Walkar and her live-in partner Aftab Poonawala got into a heated argument. Poonawala consumed in a fit of rage strangled Walkar and then chopped her body into 36 pieces. Over the next few days, he disposed off one chopped part at a time in the Delhi’s Mehrauli forest area.

Tandoor Kand

Back in 1995, Sushil Sharma, a youth Congress leader, killed his partner Naina Sahni. It was later revealed that Sharma was suspicious of Naina for having an affair. He then cut up her body into pieces and then tried to dispose them off by lighting them on fire in a tandoor in a resturaunt that was managed by Sharma’s friend. The police noticed the crime when they saw smoke emanating from the tandoor and found the victim’s charred body.

KM Nanavati case

In 1959, after spending a two-month voyage on the sea, naval commander Kawas Nanavati found out that his English wife Sylvia was having an affair with Nanavati’s businessman friend Prem Bhagwan Ahuja. Nanavati later went to Ahuja’s Bombay flat and shot him dead. Following this, he confessed to the killing.

Shivani Bhatnagar murder

A journalist working for Indian Express, Shivani Bhatnagar was found dead in her East Delhi apartment in January 1999. Investigations revealed that there were strangulation marks on her neck and stab wounds on her abdomen. In 2008, a Delhi court found Ravi Kant Sharma, a senior police officer, guilty of hiring hitmen to carry out the crime on suspicions that Bhatnagar would disclose their ‘intimate’ relationship.

Neeraj Grover murder case

A senior executive producer at Synergy Adlabs, Neeraj Grover was killed at Kannada actor Maria Susairaj’s Mumbai home by her fiance Emile Jerome Mathew. Emile had heard Grover’s voice in the background before stabbing him to death. The couple then chopped his body and burnt it in the Manor jungles in Thane.

Anupama Gulati murder

A strained relationship between Rajesh Gulati, a Dehradun software engineer, and his wife Anupama Gulati eventually led to the latter’s death. In 2010, the couple got into a fight following which Rajesh slapped his wife so hard that she hit her head on the wall making her unconscious. In apprehension of a police complaint, Rajesh killed his wife and chopped her body in over 70 pieces

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