The devout PM: How Rishi Sunak is bringing Hinduism to 10 Downing

Born in UK’s Southhampton to an Indian family, Rishi Sunak took an oath of office on the Bhagavad Gita when he became a minister in the Theresa May’s Cabinet.

The new British prime minister has always referred to himself as having “Indian roots” and has embraced the Hindu religion. He also refrains from eating beef.

He has been seen wearing the sacred Hindu thread called ‘Kalawa’  as he entered 10 Downing after becoming prime minister. He was also wearing it during his meeting with King Charles III when the monarch officially appointed him as the new prime minister.

Rishi Sunak has also placed an idol of Lord Ganesh on his desk at work in 11 Downing.

In August, as he was vying to be the replacement to Boris Johnson, Sunak was seen performing ‘gau pooja’ (worshipping of a cow) in London.

Sunak often visits temples and has been spotted performing different Hindu rituals several times. Cameras captured him performing the same before stepping into his residence in 10 Downing.

Diwali is always a big bash for the proud Indian. While extending Diwali wishes, Sunak also vowed to build a Britain where “our children and grandchildren can light their diyas.”