‘Textationship’ over relationship. That’s what Gen Z prefers

Dating with “no strings attached” is incredibly difficult today. Genuine dating situations are now uncommon because of how prevalent modern dating is. On the internet, you might find catchy dating terms and phrases like situationship, benching, and soft launching.

“Textationship” is the most recent word to be added to the vast list of words associated with love. It is a kind of romance that begins online and will probably continue there forever.

Relationship psychotherapist Dipti Tait explains in Metro.co.uk report, “A textationship is a portmanteau of text message and relationship, so essentially it is a relationship via your phone.” She added that “such is the nature of a textationship, you have no plans to meet up but you communicate with them as intimately as if you were in a relationship.”

According to Fox 26 Houston, there are four types of textationships – friendship (with flakey friends), potential partner (with a lover), emotional cheating (sharing intimate and flirty texts with friends while hiding it from partner), marriage (married couple communicating over texts only).

It’s easy, convenient and quick since many people today want anything but commitment. According to Iris dating, this kind of relationship requires minimal effort.  You can say share your thoughts without getting embarrassed since you don’t meet the person in real.

People often opt for such relationships when they are not ready to move to the next level, reported NDTV Swirlster. In some cases, they end up with such relations without their conscious knowledge when the other person is flakey about turning up on a date. Usual signs are that they will often come up with an excuse to avoid an in-person meeting and just keep going with the relationship over text.

This romance is not considered legitimate as you never actually meet the person. Also, messages can easily become impersonal and cold, or they can simply be misinterpreted. We require human contact to achieve true closeness in any relationship. Marriage.com asserts that face-to-face communication makes it much simpler to express feelings and form strong connections. As people become more open about their opinions and experiences, it becomes easier to trust them. Typically, a texting relationship allows one person to put on a false front and not be themselves.