Lucknow woman mauled to death by pet pitbull

According to the police, Sushila Tripathi, a retired school teacher lived with her son and two dogs, a pitbull and a labrador

Tripathi, a retired school teacher, was on the roof of her house when the pitbull attacked her. The domestic help found her lying in a pool of blood and informed her son about it. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

Dr Abhinav Verma, a Veterinary Officer at LMC, said “Our team went to the house to check if the family had a license to keep pitbull dog as a pet. But because the house was locked it could not be ascertained.”

Pitbull is medium-size, short hair dog, which is considered too ferocious to be kept as a house pet by untrained people. It is also listed as one of the ‘dogs bred for fighting’ in the UK’s Dangerous Dogs Act, 1991, enacted for purposes of public safety.

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