Army bans five dog breeds in Delhi cantonment community area

The Indian Army has banned ferocious pet dogs in the community living areas inside the Delhi cantonment after a brutal dog attack incident came to light

According to a circular, it has been stated that Rottweiler, Pit Bull, American Bull Dog, Bull Mastiff and German Shepherd will not be permitted as pets in the community living areas in Delhi cantonment.

In a circular issued by Station Headquarters, Delhi area cited a ferocious attack by an officer’s dog on another officer’s son the reason behind banning five breeds of dog in the living area.

While certain breeds of dogs not permitted in community living areas while in bungalows and Independent houses, discretion may be allowed with a dog warning on gate ensuring that the pet does not move out of walled premises

It was pointed out that if any violation was found, then the Corps of Military Police report is to be generated and if found guilty, the pet dog is recommended to be moved out of the military area

The circular also stated that the pet dogs should be vaccinated and the severity/ferocity of the pet must be assessed by an RVC representative. The pet dogs must be properly leashed while moving outdoors.

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