The Abortion Ban in the US and it’s effects

Abortion-rights activists protest outside the Supreme Court in Washington, on 25 June, 2022. The Supreme Court’s ruling allowing states to regulate abortion has set off a mad travel scramble across the country to direct patients to states that still allow the procedure. AP File

Supporters of abortion rights chant slogans outside a Planned Parenthood clinic during a protest in West Hollywood, Calif.  AP File

An abortion-rights demonstrator holds a sign in front of the Hamilton County Court House in Chattanooga, Tenn. A federal court on 28 June, 2022, allowed Tennessee’s ban on abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy to take effect, citing the Supreme Court’s decision last week to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights case. 

Protesters upset at the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling removing protections for abortions demonstrate in the lobby of the South Carolina Statehouse on 28 June, 2022, in Columbia, S.C. AP

Abortion-rights protesters hold signs during a demonstration outside of the US Supreme Court in Washington. AP

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