Strange light appears in West Bengal sky, baffles residents

A mysterious light emanated from the sky in West Bengal and was visible for around five minutes in several parts including Kolkata, Bishnupur, Kirnahar, Ghatal and Murshidabad on 15 December.

The light was spotted at around 5:47 pm on Thursday. Its surfacing gave rise to a range of speculations with some comparing the sighting with a meteor, a satellite and even an alien spaceship.

Initially, experts and the West Bengal administration were clueless about the strange light. The light, however, gradually diminished from the night sky and as per witnesses, it was visible in the eastern parts of the sky.

According to a report by Times of India, Rakesh Mazumdar from the Centre of Excellence in Space Sciences Kolkata’s Indian Institute of Science and Research said that considering the intensity of the light, it was unlikely to be from outer space.

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