Honduras switches ties from Taiwan to China | Is China bribing Taiwan's allies?

March 15, 2023

Honduras has said it will switch ties from Taiwan to China. This further isolates the island on the world stage. But why did Honduras take this step? This will increase China's footprint in Latin America and the Caribbean. Is China using money and political play to accelerate this? Palki Sharma tells you.

El Nino is back and It Could Affect India's Monsoons | Vantage on Firstpost

June 10, 2023

Countries are racing to prepare for extreme weather later this year as the world tips into an El Nino - a natural climate phenomenon that could make global temperatures rise and fuel extreme weather events across the world. In the past, India has experienced below-average rainfall during most El Nino years, sometimes leading to severe drought. So is this El Nino a major concern for Indian monsoons?

Trump Indicted: Will the Legal Cases Make Donald Trump Stronger? Vantage on Firstpost

June 10, 2023

Donald Trump’s legal troubles continue to grow. He has now been charged over the handling of classified documents after he left the White House. This is the first-ever federal indictment for a former US president. The 76-year-old is facing seven charges including unauthorised retention of secret documents. The charges, however, are not public yet. This is Trump’s second indictment after the hush-money case, as he campaigns to make a comeback to the White House in 2024. Watch to know more.